What the Experts are Saying about Alkaline, Ionized Water

International Top Health professional experts are recommending Kangen Water to Queens, the Pope, Presidents and dignitaries because of its health benefits.

Queen Elizabeth, The Pope, US Presidents & World Wide Dignitaries

These health professional experts are also recommending alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, oxygen rich water.

Dr. Gerald Bresnahan, MD, FACC

Gerald Bresnahan, MD, FACC

Gerald Bresnahan, MD, FACC

“We have understood the importance of alkalizing diets for decades, but we have been unsuccessful in getting our patients to eat a perfectly alkaline diet because we cannot eat enough alkaline foods to keep our bodies alkaline.  To have something(medical grade ionized water) that changes the pH of the body from acid to alkaline based on something we are already doing that is drinking water, we can get people alkaline very easily.

Hundreds of thousands of our patients have seen remarkable result from drinking alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, hydrogen rich water.  We are doing our part in bringing this technology to the medical community in the US because alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, oxygen rich water is revolutionizing the health, fitness and wellness of our nation.  This is going to be a great thing for everyone and will change the lives for millions of people.” – Gerald Bresnahan, MD, FACC and Cardiologist to Presidents

Dr. Gerald Bresnahan, MD., FACC is a world renowned cardiologist based in Los Angeles.  Dr. Bresnahan dedicated his life to the prevention of heart disease, the #1 killer in the US, when his father died at the age of 54 from heart disease.

Cardiology was a perfect fit for Dr. Bresnahan as his major scope of practice is Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the LA County –USC Medical Center along with the Hospital of Good Samaritan which is noted as a top medical facility in the US.  During his time at University of California, San Diego, Dr. Bresnahan was involved with the development of using blood enzymes tests in patients suspected having a heart attack.

Being the best in his field, Dr. Bresnahan has served as the on-call cardiologist for the US Presidents, the Pope, the Queen of England and many visiting dignitaries in the Los Angeles area.  He currently resides in Playa Vista, California, and still maintains a cardiology clinic in the LA area.  He also oversees quality control at one of LA’s major heart centers as well as serving as chairman of the Cardio-Thoracic Committee which oversees all of the cardiology and heart surgeries at an additional health center.

Dr. Hiromi Shinya, MD

Dr. Hiromi Shinya, MD

Leading Endocrinologist & Co-Inventor of the colonoscopy

Dr. Shinya is a leading gastroenterologist & endocrinologist, clinical professor of surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University, head of the endoscopic center at Beth Israel Medical Center in NY, Vice-Chairman of the Japanese Medical Asso. in the US, & author of the International Health Best Seller “Enzyme Factor. He is noted for inventing a non-invasive polyp removal procedure in conjunction with pioneering modern colonoscopy.

“Alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, hydrogen rich water (8.5 to 9.5 pH) and is considered the very best drinking water because of its incomparable power of hydration, detoxification, and anti-oxidation

Jillian Michaels – Fitness, Weight Loss & Exercise Expert

Jillian Michaels Health & Fitness Expert

Jillian Michaels Health & Fitness Expert from the famous TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’, guest host on ‘The Doctor’s’ uses & endorses Kangen Water

Jillian is one of the leading experts in health, weight loss and ‘take no prisoners’ trainer from the TV program ‘The Biggest Loser’, & she endorses alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, hydrogen rich water.

Jillian’s recent interview with TreeHugger.com Jillian says:

TH: What do you do on a daily basis that impacts both your health & the environment?

JM: I find that when one has the knowledge and the means they have a responsibility to make the ethical choice.  With regard to my diet, I always go organic.  I shop at local farmers markets whenever possible.  I have given up all animal products except for fish that has been ethically fished, like ocean caught salmon, farmed arctic char, farmed trout, pacific cod, tilapia, crab, shrimp, and farmed oysters.  I use all natural beauty products like olive oil, brown sugar for scrubs, avocado and ethical organic brands.  My cleaning products are all green. . . . .

I use the Medical Grade Water for drinking water, putting it in a steel canteens – I NEVER DRINK BOTTLED WATER!

Dr. Corinne Allen

Dr. Corinne Allen

Dr. Corinne Allen


International Brain Doctor Shares Info on Breakthrough Published Studies Showing the Root Cause to Most Diseases & Preventing Them.

Dr. Allen is known for her natural methods to health & stimulating permanent changes in the brain in dyslexia, ADD, autism, Asperser’s syndrome, learning disabilities, academic & behavioral issues & brain injuries. She runs the Advanced learning & Development Institute. “There are some new studies just published that prove alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, hydrogen rich water can alleviate & prevent most all diseases including brain dysfunctions & heart disease, just to name a few.”

Dr. Otto Warburg

Dr Otto Warburg, BioChemist

Dr Otto Warburg, Bio Chemist, 1931 Nobel Prize Winner

“All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception.  Cancer tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline.”
Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline.  Water can be split into H+ and OH-, if there is (if the body has) an access of H+, it is acidic; if there is an access of OH-, then it is alkaline.”

Dr. Horist Filtzer

Dr. Horst Filtzer

Dr. Horst Filtzer

Dr. Horst Filtzer, Vascular Surgeon, received his MD degree cum laude from Harvard University in 1965.  His internship was at the Boston City Hospital.  Dr. Filtzer finished his training in general and vascular Surgery and eventually became Dept. Chair at the Cambridge Hospital, a Harvard teaching hospital.  Now retired,  he had a very active surgical practice for over 35 years.

Dr. Horst Filtzer, explains in a testimonial that he “abhorred water.”  He explains that he would drink any other beverages rather than water because he really didn’t like the taste of normal water.  So the first thing that impressed him with alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, oxygen rich water was that he really liked the taste of it.

As a doctor and surgeon, he wanted to review and prove to himself the reasons why this water could be so effective.  Since the most extensive research is from Japan, he stated there.  Not only did he find substantiating research about the health benefits, but he discovered many personal benefits.
One  benefit, which he sites, is the dramatic improvement effect it had on the arthritis in his hands from years of performing surgery.
Dr. Filtzer became an enthusiastic convert, who strongly endorses alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, oxygen rich water for its many benefits.

“Personally, I can testify that there is no question that my own life has been markedly enriched by the ingestion of Kangen Water. . . I endorse alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, hydrogen rich water as a physician, as a surgeon, as a human being, 100%.  I feel that it is of great benefit to all mankind. . .  I can only recommend it in the highest way.”

Dr. Dave Carpenter, ND, C.Ac, CCI

Dr. Dave Carpenter, ND, C. Ac., CCI

Dr. Dave Carpenter, ND, C. Ac., CCI

Dr. Dave Carpenter, ND, C. Ac., CCI
Over many years I have purchased and used many different ionizers from various companies before discovering alkaline water. “It was not until I was introduced to the ionizers that make alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, hydrogen rich water that I found ionizers that were able to produce hexagonal water at a high enough percentage that almost everyone who drank the water noticed a significant difference in how they felt.”  ( Which water processor that you buy clearly makes a difference – Don’t make the same mistake as others & Dr Carpenter have made.

“I am convinced that drinking adequate amounts of this alkaline water may be the most effective single action a person can do for their health.  I say that, because, 70% of our bodies are water and the foundation of who we are physically.  It makes sense to me that if the water in our body is clean and healthy that all other functions will take place at an optimal pace: but, if the water in our body is dirty and polluted then these functions will be slowed or perhaps stopped.”

These are but a few of the health and fitness professional who personally use and recommend alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, hydrogen rich water to their clients.

And as Dr. Carpenter stated – he had bought several of the other ionizers on the market before being introduced to this medical grade water processors.  His experience with the low grade of quality and performance of these counterfeit – bargain basement machines proves that if you are going to invest your money and put forth the effort – and most importantly – don’t put your health at risk – by purchasing a cheap, under functioning product when you can have the best.

See the celebrities and business personalities that now own and use alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, oxygen rich water processors – Bill Gates has many machines because he never wants to be without the this water.  Donald Trump has machines for himself and his staff.  These are just a few.  Here’s the link to the Celebrities Who Drink alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, oxygen rich water.

These are the reasons why health professional in all scopes of practice are recommending alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, oxygen rich water.

To get your own personal medical grade water processor for you home, contact me at DrNoreenPicken@gmail.com or 1-931-761-6725 or 1-888-853-9391.

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