Dangers of Soda & Bottled Water

Dangers of Sodas & Bottled Water

Here are some pictures comparing the pH of sodas & bottled water to natural, health, alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, oxygen rich water.

As you can see from the pH or acidity level of the chart in the picture, soda and bottled water are acidic.

Drinking acidic fluids causes your body to become acidic.

The more acidic your body, the greater the risk of life changing diseases.


The 7 On the Right are Acidic & Cause An Unhealthy Imbalance

The Purple Water is the Healthy Water

In order to neutralize 1 cup of acidic soda, you would need to drink 36 cups of alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized, oxygen rich water.  Considering the dangers involved with drinking highly acidic sodas, it hardly seems worth consuming these dangerous sodas and bottled waters.

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