Pro Athletes & Celebrities Who Drink Kangen Water

Pro Athletes & Celebrities Who Drink Kangen Water

There is no surprise that celebrities - famous people – actors,  professional athletes, fitness gurus, famous business men and women are embracing Kangen Water and massively purchasing not just 1 but in some cases many Kangen Water Processors, (some buying 16 at on time).

Why is there such a buzz about water?

Isn’t water just water?

Well, not true.

The medical professional is embracing Kangen Water also.  Recommending it to the famous and powerful – such as the Queen of England, The Pope, US Presidents and other dignitaries

Here is a list of the exuberant fans of Kangen Water.

Why? Because their careers and income count on it.

Celebrities That Drink Kangen Water

Most of these non pro-athletes celebs careers are based on their talent, beauty and ability to perform their skills.  Which often times makes them amateur athletes in order to maintain that physical level of strength and health.

They have to exercise in order to look good and be physically strong and healthy in order to perform on stage or on the set.

Their health and beauty, thus their income, are directly positively impacted by drinking Kangen Water.

Steven Tyler with his SD 501 Platinum

                         Steven Tyler with his SD 501 Platinum

They are known for buying the best products.

They demand products that perform at the highest possible level.

They are buying Kangen Water Processors and no other.

If Kangen Water is good enough for them,

Isn’t it good enough for you?

Jillian Michaels Diet & Fitness Expert
Jillian Michaels Diet & Fitness Expert

Bill Gates (owns 16 processors), Jillian Michaels, Demi Moore, Aston Kutcher, Jennifer Lopez, Rogar Daultry, Martha Stewart, Carlos Santana, Elton John, Toby Keith, Chuck Norris, Donald Trump & Staff, Steven Tyler (owns 4 machines) Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Steven Seagal, Janet Jackson, Conan O’Brien, Magic Johnson (owns 8 machines), Jack Nicholson, John Mayer, Ron Perlman, Sly Stallone, Chris Angel,  Phil Michelson, Sammy Hagar, Chris Daughtry, Rohan Marley,  George Lopez, UFC FIGHTER Joe “Daddy” Stevenson (martial artist), Ron Perlman, John Geraghty (Tennis player), Jay-Z, Beyonce, the Obama’s, Cindie Blackman, Pat Boone, Chilean Miners, Les Brown, Michael Robinson of the NFL Seattle Sea Hawks, Bodybuilders Dan Hill & Wade Lightheart,  LA Lakers, Pro and Olympic Athletes, Bernando La Poll -109 y/o, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chuck Norris, Natasha Bedingfield, Chris Angel, Toby Keith, John Mayer,  and NY Yankees this is the short list. . . .

Athletes Drinking Kangen Water
Athletes Drinking Kangen Water

As we all know, Professional Athletes sign multi-million dollar contracts with pro ball teams.

Or they have careers playing sports – like golf – which are worth multi-millions of dollars IF they win.

Athletes have a lot riding in their abilities to produce results.

Their level of performance has to equal the amount of money they are earning.

Athletes usually have relatively “short” careers, because their careers are based on their ability to be physically fit and must be able to perform at the same level as other top pro athletes to be competitive.  They need every edge they can get.

After investigating the benefits of Kangen Water, more and more professional and amateur athletes, along with Fitness & Diet Professionals rely on Kangen Water to improve they performance and maintain their weight.

Toby Keith

Toby Keith

Fitness Guru - Jillian Michaels & Celebrities Enjoying the Benefits of Kangen Water

Fitness Guru - Jillian Michaels & Celebrities Enjoying the Benefits of Kangen Water

Celebrities Jack Nickolson, Elton John & Jennifer Lopez & Business Man - Donald Trump

Celebrities Jack Nicholson, Elton John & Jennifer Lopez & Business Man - Donald Trump









Celebs Drinking Kangen Water

Celebs Drinking Kangen Water

How often have you wished that you could enjoy the same lifestyle, products and services that the celebrities enjoy?

You see them with the best clothes, the best cars, the best homes, going on the best vacations.

Well, when it comes to Kangen Water, you too can enjoy the same quality water –  Kangen Water.  Which will provide you with the same health, beauty, weight loss and longevity benefits these Celebrities, Athletes and Professional Health Gurus are enjoying.

All these famous people rely on being healthy & fit in order to perform their careers profitably.

They need products that will keep them at the top of their game.

Millions of dollars in income is riding on it.

So they buy the best.  They buy Kangen water processors.

You can select from the same models these celebs are buying:

Kangen Water Processor SD 501

Kangen Water Processor SD 501


Platinum SD 501 Kangen Water Processor

Platinum SD 501 Kangen Water Processor

SD501 Deluxe  Super

SD501 Deluxe Super

SD 501 Kangen Water Processor Under Counter

SD 501 Kangen Water Processor Under Counter














Bill Gates Owns 16 Kangen Water Processors

Bill Gates Owns 16 Kangen Water Processors

They often buy multiple processors so that they can provide Kangen water to their staff, keeping them at the top of their game.

Magic Johnson Purchased 8 Kangen Water Processors

Magic Johnson Purchased 8 Kangen Water Processors

Donald Trump Purchase Kangen Water Processor for himself & his staff

Donald Trump Purchase Kangen Water Processors for himself & his staff

You can have one of these Kangen Water Processors in your home, it about a week.  These processors are so fairly priced that you could purchase it without financing if you so desired, which is how most of my clients purchase them.

But if you desire financing, there is a range from $44 per month to about $130 per month.  The cost for one of these processors is less than an dinner out for 2.

You have the same exact models that the celebrities own.

To order your own personal Kangen Water processor  -  Just let me know by email – or give me a call at 512-752-8542.

Platinum SD 501 Kangen Water Processor

Platinum SD 501 Kangen Water Processor

If you want to learn more about the benefits you can receive from drinking Kangen Water, click on the picture of the of the Kangen Water Processors for a link to the FREE demo about the benefits of this “Miracle Water” as it is called in Japan. Just look for the video library.

As always – We are dedicated to your healthy future,

Bill & Dr. Noreen Picken, BA, DC
Longevity & Nutritional Specialist
Health Quest Foundation

P.S. On a personal note – Both my husband and I have lost a significant amount of weight by just drinking the Kangen Water daily.  He has lost over 45 pound, 36 of which he lost in the 1st 2 ½ months.  I have lost over 20 lbs.


Dieting doesn’t work long term, that’s why there are so many of them out there.

The REASON WHY diets don’t work long term is because being overweight or obese is an over acid issue more than an excessive calorie issue.  Don’t get me wrong.  If you insist on consistently consuming more empty – sugar filled calories than you need in a day that is contributing to you being over acid which causes you to create fat.

We eat the same we have been eating for over 25 years.  We don’t eat a lot of junk food but we never have.

 The ONLY difference is the Kangen Water.

 I have dieted on & off for over 30 years.  Mostly on.  3 years ago, I was desperate to loss the weight I was gradually gaining, even though I was “dieting”.  In a 2 year span, I tried about 6 different programs to lose weight.  On one program I GAINED 12 LBS.  Now that the wrong kind of diet.

I have also exercised for “weight control” – from just walking and jogging to body building – and never found it to help with my personal weight issues.

I knew I had to find the SOURCE AND REASON why I was gaining weight even though I was exercising and dieting.  The reality was –

We were unable to wash out the acids our bodies were creating with the water we were drinking back then.

That tap water, bottled water or distilled water we were drinking didn’t get rid of the acid build up in our bodies that causes the fat retention and worse of all the weight gain.

Once we started drinking the Kangen alkaline, micro-clustered water, the acids were neutralized and washed away along with the fat.

Kangen Water was and has been the only answer to not just weight loss but maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime.

I have clients who are unable to exercise do to physical disabilities but  who have lost over 50 lbs by just drinking the Kangen Water.

If you are struggling to lose weight,

 If you are exercising and not losing and maybe even gaining,

 If you have tried dozens of diets without being able to KEEP the weight off –

Then you MUST get a Kangen Water Processor.

It is the only way you will overcome this battle you have been having.  I know from personal experience.

If you are looking to lose weight, improve your health, and you want to get the edge that the athletes and celebrities have, then a Kangen Water processor is the only processor for you.

Call or email me if you have any questions or you want to place your order – go to .

I can promise you this – if you start drinking Kangen Water – you will never want to stop.

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