2.5 Billion Pounds of Toxic Pesticide Dumped Yearly on Food, Lawns & Fields

How To Protect Yourself and Your Family from Over 400 Different Pesticides, Herbicides and Chemicals Dumped and Strayed On the Food You Eat Daily.

Over 400 pesticides are licensed for use on America’s foods, and every year

Toxic - Chemical Laden Fruit

Toxic – Chemical Laden Fruit

over 2.5 billion pounds are dumped on croplands, forests, lawns, and fields. In a single meal, a person could easily consume residues of a dozen different neurotoxic or carcinogenic chemicals.

Yet, the Office of Pesticide Programs at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not include the potential for multiple exposures to the same pesticide when calculating permitted residual levels of a given compound. EPA scientists have found that, at any time, if these residues were totaled, they would exceed 500 percent of the daily-allowed intake.

Furthermore, these chemicals have not been tested for human safety, and the EPA does not have a scientifically acceptable method for determining the risk for multiple exposures.
Excerpts from “4 Most Dangerous Toxins Deliberately and Secretly Infused into Our Food Supply” – July 30, 2014 by: Derek Henry

The EPA isn’t considering the compounding effects of these toxins on the human body and the resulting health issues that it presents.

The best way to protect your family is to grow your own and clean those fruits and vegetables from these harmful toxins and chemicals.

If you can’t grow your own food or have limited resources to do so, then buying organic and still washing them – as there is always over spray, toxic water run-offs, and the wind that carries these toxic chemicals from non-organic foods on to organic foods.

The best way to know that your food is pesticide, herbicide and spray on chemical free is to clean it with strong alkaline water with a pH of 11.0.

How Can Strong Alkaline Water of 11.0 pH Clear Harmful Chemicals from the Outsides of Your Fruits and Vegetables?

Pesticides and Herbicides are added to oils before they are sprayed on crops in the field.  This oil helps to hold these toxic chemicals on the food so that rain and water irrigation won’t wash it off.  As you know – oil and water don’t mix so any water sprayed or rain water will not remove the pesticides and herbicides.

BUT – Strong Alkaline water of 11.0 pH has the ability to emulsify oils.  In so doing, this strong alkaline water removes the oils and the toxins from your fruits and vegetables at the same time.

Protect your family from toxic build up in their cells and tissues from these extremely harmful chemicals so freely used on our food supply.

To get your own personal water processor that can easily produce gallons of this highly specialized Strong Alkaline Water go to these videos link http://bit.ly/11kutLl and watch the Cleaning Food video to see for yourself the amount of chemicals that can be removed from your food with this Strong Alkaline Water.

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